Australian Whites

Developed in Australia for Australian Conditions

Breed Objectives for Australian Whites

We aim to develop a breed that can be run as a self-replacing flock or one that can supply rams in a terminal system to increase size, weight and growth rates in crossbred flocks designed for meat production.

We aim to develop a breed that exhibits hardiness, do-ability, growth rates, carcase weight and shape.

We aim to develop a breed that displays the essential traits of exceptional mobility and walk-ability, good shedding ability, strong mothering instincts, a good temperament and a high degree of vigour in the lambs.

We aim to develop a breed that can be run effectively in Australia's varying and vast terrain, with good conversion rates but which does not run to excessive fat in good conditions.

In summary we look for:

  • Quite temperament
  • Good feet and legs
  • Hair pattern
  • Clean shedding
  • Carcase shape
  • Early maturing
  • Self-replacing
  • Suitable for domestic and export markets
  • High dressing
  • Excellent eating quality

2014 Sydney Royal Show

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